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Wireless Expense Management (WEM)

Mobile Life Cycle Management

Smartphones, tablets and mobile phones are an integral part of the enterprise business model, allowing employees at every level, in every operational area, to not just stay connected but do meaningful work from almost anywhere. Smartphones streaming data night and day allow everyone from the mailroom to the boardroom to stay productive – or haunt YouTube - and the telecom spend has exploded accordingly. Even a small number of company devices can run overages that will break the budget for good, leaving businesses of all sizes with a serious need for a safe and cost-effective way to centrally manage these devices. Wireless Expense Management (WEM), also known as Mobile Lifecycle Management (MLM), provides centralized corporate oversight and administration of all wireless devices, their usage plans, licensed software and apps, and network security for the entire organization.

Accommodating an ever-increasing array of devices that can be used wirelessly, Wireless Expense Management takes the common burdens of wireless asset management, expense analysis, software deployment and updates, and inventory control off the I.T. staff. WEM software performs usage analysis and real-time rate plan optimization, while generating reports on over-limit users, international usage, unassigned device usage, and calling profiles. Some solutions even offer Mobile Support Management, an automated service desk that resolves most first-level issues without involving your I.T. department. With smartphone and tablet usage rising in businesses everywhere, and the cost of in-house wireless management growing accordingly, Wireless Expense Management is the ideal response to exploding network telecom expenses.

Wireless Expense Management will allow your business to stay ahead of the trends in the wireless marketplace, such as the pros and cons of “Bring Your Own Device”, or “BYOD”, policies, mobility pooling plans, and the possible resurgence of Blackberry in the U.S (they’re huge in other parts of the world). And at a time when the cost of offering mobility to the workforce is one of the top five corporate expenses - the average Fortune 500 company spends $116 million+ per year on telecom and network combined – a WEM solution that can reduce your costs (by over a third, according to Gartner) could easily pay for itself. Wireless networks are taking over the business landscape, from websites, to advertising, to hardware – but they don’t have to conquer your operating budget. Whether it’s Wireless Expense Management, Mobile Device Management, or Mobile Lifecycle Management, it’s the smart decision for all your wireless devices.

Ethernet LLC partners with the best service providers in telecom, including the Wireless Expense Management industry. A communications specialist at Ethernet can help you identify the premier Wireless Expense Management Solution Providers for your needs, so you can evaluate all your options. A WEM Solution is the most secure and cost-effective way to provide your employees with the mobile connectivity they need while operating within a budget your business can afford. Looking for wired connectivity? Ethernet partners with AT&T, EarthLink, Level(3), MegaPath Networks, Telepacific, Telnes Broadband, TW Telecom, Windstream, and XO Communications for business services.